About Paradise Found

Paradise Found the space, has been a healing and clarifying place of transformation and fun. For ten years it was an exclusive vacation rental after which it became a boutique yoga retreat venue. Now in our twelfth year, 2017, we have evolved yet again to serve people however they need to be healed – through diet, cooking and nutritional support to fitness and strength training to relaxing and restoring from loss or deep physical challenges.

Paradise Found, the state of a mind, is being in full health in what or how you want it to be. It’s peace, health, bliss – and ultimately it’s found within.

Paradise Found Productions is our media arm: Books, DVDs and Music. We hope you find something that we offer to be of interest or service.


Our Healing Helping Hands:

Everyone who we’ve had the good fortune of sharing the space with at Paradise Found brings a special quality of care to their work.

From when you first contact us, to when you are picked up. From the nourishing meals made especially for you to the teachers and massage therapists, we all at Paradise Found have a commitment to your healing and wholeness.

Our retreats are created with each specific guest’s needs and preferences foremost in mind.

It is your personal journey – or respite – and we are honoured to facilitate your experience.

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Your Hosts:


Nomi (Sat Guru Kaur) Davis had the great fortune to grow up on Salt Spring Island. Though she has traveled extensively, she has always felt a strong connection to her roots. With degrees in Natural Health and Theatre, Nomi enjoys offering new possibilities to create more wellness and joy her guests’ lives.

“We’re very blessed to be able to share this beautiful environment. Along with the myriad of natural healing techniques that I’ve had the benefit of both experiencing and studying over the last three decades, Paradise Found is truly a place where our guests can shift their consciousness, heal, grow or reenergize.”


Marc Davis has been a journalist, writer, and health advocate for over two decades. He is co-owner/director of Paradise Found. His book “Fit & Fabulous at 50” is the culmination of his own personal health and fitness journey.  A game-changing health and fitness guide for men, this book divulges his various secrets to achieving a  youthful body and feeling your best at all times.