Yoga Workshops


Workshops are offered, and can be arranged at yoga studios, or other spaces, in corporate or community venues.

Workshop subjects include: Introduction to Kundalini Yoga, Intermediate Kundalini, Mantras and Meanings, The Chakra System; Primal Pranayam to name a few.

Please let us know of any requests you might have for other workshops.Tailored by length, the longer the workshop the more indepth information and greater physical participation.

Los Angeles Yoga Retreat | May 24-28, 2018

 Inquire HERE.

Eat, Meditate, Spa.

Do you need to get away? Need to be pampered? Need some De-stressing?

Join our small group (max 8) and do yoga, hike, visit deliciously, healthy restaurants and spa spots – even shop (consciously) in the City of Angels!


Many people think LA is full of fake/shallow people and many Angelinos like that — then they have this special place more to themselves! But as Yogi Bhajan says, ” if you cannot see God in All you cannot see God at all”.

In fact, LA’s full of secret jewels and smiling faces. Art, culture, spas, great food — and of course, the best yoga teachers the industry has to offer!

Experience the Real LA, on a journey of self, yogic and La-La Land discovery that will give you a new appreciation for the city we call our second home.

Retreat Package:

Save another $100 if booked by March 1st.

$1550 US* before April 1st  $1750 US* after April 1st    

*Prices do not include airfare**.

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Example Group Workshop | Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga:
Learning the basics (pranayam, mudra, mantra, bhands, asana, chakra system), a full physical class, mantra pronunciation and meanings, meditations and more.


1 Day Workshop

6 hour Workshop (1 hour lunch* break; two 10 min breaks)

Pre-registered: $100 per person
At the door: $120 per person

Please Note:
*The full day is 7 hours

4 hour Workshop ( half hour lunch;10 min break)

Please Note:
*The full day is 4.5 hours

Pre-registered: $65 per person
At the door: $80 per person

2 Day Workshop

6 hour Workshop
Day One – 3hrs (10-20 min break)
Day Two – 3hrs (10-20 min break)

Pre-registered: $55 one day, $100 both days per person
At the Door: $65 one day, $120 both days per person

Preview to Workshops

This free one-hour talk given a day or two before the workshop offers our clients an opportunity to test the waters. You’ll come away with at least one tool that will assist you in getting healthier and happier. Money back, guaranteed!