Destress Inc

Shed toxic stress; lift your spirits and improve your health. Get on with enjoying your life!

De Stress Inc provides the professional/corporate client with on-site training in how to deal with the high-level stress of today’s world in general and business life specifically.

Our mission is to educate and empower our clients: to quickly avert or lessen their stress reactions, and to relieve the effects of toxic, residual tension.

De-Stress Inc. uses tried and true stress reduction techniques and adds to the mix the incredibly powerful effects of Kundalini yoga. The result: amazingly fast-acting, directly experienced, stress-reduction that you can use anywhere, any time.

Nomi Davis, creator of De Stress Inc, caters to the business community’s stress reduction needs by offering in-house classes and workshop sessions. These sessions are taught to individuals or groups in boardrooms, offices or other appropriate spaces.

An introduction to a wide array of tools are given to help deal with unwanted stress including: simple physical and mental exercises and easy breathing, meditation and visualization techniques.

Within a short time, our clients have new options available, at their fingertips, to quickly and effectively reduce their stress level — before it escalates. These simple skills are do-able within public or office environments, as well as at home – or even in the car.

About Nomi

Nomi Davis first created De-Stress Inc. in the early 90’s in order to share valuable stress reduction techniques with the general public and private clients. Teaching at community centres and in-house she passed on what she found beneficial to alleviate her own stress.

She studied and trained professionally in a wide variety of body and mind-based healing techniques. Nomi began practicing Hatha yoga at 10 years old and started her unofficial training in natural therapies as a teenager when she also began practicing sound and energy work courtesy of artist, Waine Ryzak. She graduated from the acclaimed Studio 58 Theatre School in Vancouver where she deepened not only her performing skills but also her vocal and somatic (body-based) therapies.

Since then she has been a professional performer, a vocal coach and a fitness trainer, while continually studying and using various natural health oriented therapies. She gained a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health with Clayton College, with a focus on herbology and continues her studies every day.

While performing in Los Angeles, Nomi stumbled across Kundalini yoga and suddenly previous trainings, experiences and interests came together. Internationally certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, Nomi trained in Vancouver, Los Angeles and India. From there, Paradise Found Yoga Retreats was created. Located on Salt Spring Island these private and scheduled weekend retreats were featured in “L.A. Yoga” magazine and three times voted as best retreat centre in the area by Gayot Travel.

While hosting retreats are an important part of her life, De Stress Inc is Ms. Davis’s answer to the business community’s urgent need of new skills and techniques. Ones that they can learn and use immediately, right when it’s needed; at the desk, in the office, on the phone, in the car or even on the bus.

Of course, they can also be done in the privacy of the home.

“It’s like taking a 200-pound back-pack off!”
~ Nomi’s reaction to her first Kundalini Meditation


De-Stress Inc. has helped clients from a wide variety of backgrounds:

Profound and beautiful
Kristina B.
School Teacher

Thank you for showing me the door to a whole new universe in which to discover and enjoy.
Carol M.

Thank you so much I needed to be more centered
Bridget K.

You have the gift of teaching others love & light shine on
Dave M.

I am so thankful to you for sharing with me the Kundalini yoga practice which has enriched my life in many ways.
Vanessa B
Mineral explorationist

I feel the difference already.
Pat R

You have opened my eyes to something completely new and I will do my best to continue the practice because I have not felt this good and happy in a long time thank you thank you thank you a thousand times plus one.
Louise Y