July 2014

Dear Nomi,

Thank you for opening your home up and being the wonderful and compassionate person that you are. I feel so blessed to have met you and felt free as well as refreshed on my Goddess Retreat. I will  do this again! You and Mark really made me feel so welcomed and at home (which I have never felt before).

It was very busy for not really having a “true” schedule, which was perfect for me! Loved our conversations on teh various amazing topics we covered. All the vegetarian meals were excellent and so delicious. Thank you for all teh yoga classes you taught and the ones that were scheduled for me. They have all opened my eyes and I will try out different classes back home, too!

Nomi you have such a kind very friendly way about you & your heart is so full of love, joy & compassion. From the moment I met you I felt a connection like I had known you for years! It obviously was meant to be for us to meet. When I get home and I think back to my stay at Paradise Found –  I will think very fondly of you, the community, your beautiful island and the absolute GREAT time that I spent here:-) It truly is a Paradise that I found.

Many heartfelt blessings to you and yours,


Denise J., Florida


June 2014

Nomi, “Thank you” hardly seems to suffice. Thank you profusely for an AMAZING Goddess Retreat. I learned so much from you and I am forever changed (for the good) by this experience. I look forward to coming back very soon.

In gratitude,

Cathy D., Calgary


July 2010

Nomi Thank you for your one on one attention. This was exactly what was needed. It was relaxing and fun. Great little place to get away and vacation and a wonderful host. I’ll think of you the next time I get the giggles in meditation.

Love, Nicole L., Edmonton







June 26/06:


Dear Nomi:  Thank you so much for all your teaching and help.  Great workshop.  I hope we will connect again.  Many blessings – Linda, Victoria, B.C.


Merci Nomi!  It was a playful weekend.  Just what I needed! – Lise


Dear Nomi:  A wonderful weekend full of awakenings.  Thanks so much. – Lida B, AB


Thank you for your healing and caring this week end.  Wonderful experience. – Adeline B, Edmonton, AB


Dear Nomi,  This retreat was transformative.  I love Kundalina Yoga.  It was a marvellous adventure.  My mother wouldn’t have approved, but so be it!  Catherine, Victoria, BC


Thank you, thank you thank you.  I came to reconnect with myself and got that and even more — connection with the great mystery that is life.  i really got to shake my chakras.  i really enjoyed the vibes and rediscovering my inner voice. –  Marty,  Toronto


July 5/06:


A lifetime in a week OM passes by like the damsel fly OM souls, hearts, hands, eyes  OM  touched and merged, complete.  OM  –  love, Wendy


Thank you Nomi Sat Guru for this wonderful and empowering experience.  You have the gift of teaching others love and light.  May you always SHINE ON.  – Love, Dave


Nomi, you are a wonderful teacher and a blessing to know.  Thank you so much.  XO B…. Davis


Thank you! – Rose


Thank you Nomi and Ellie.  You have cleaned the cobwebs.  I will do this again.   All the best and Sat Nam – Carol


Nomi Lyonns, you are a dear soul.  I will remember this cleanse for along time and may do it again.  Love Roya


Feeling clean as a whistle.  I’ll look forward to next year.  Peace!  –  XO  Claire

Sept. 12/06:


Nomi – What can I say?  This weekend was all and more that I had anticipated.  Relaxing, energizing, spiritual, and lots of fun.  I feel blessed.  Thank you.  –  Namaste Lorraine (Rani)  It’s ALL GOOD!!



Oct. 9/06:


Nomi – I feel very lucky to have met you.  You are a genuinely caring person and your guidance through this weekend was very enlightening.  i laughed, I cried, I felt joy, I felt pain.  Thank you so much for the experience!  With love and care.  – Lori, Saskatoon


Nomi – This was an amazing and powerful Thanksgiving weekend.  i am thankful for meeting you and am thankful for all the miracles pulled together for our delight, enjoyment and growth.  You ara so beautiful and powerful, graceful  and kind.  your devotion is inspiring and i feel truly blessed to have been able to spend time with you and to bask in the energy and magic.  Thank you for sharing, thank you for the teachings.  Please keep going!  Such gifts we receive from you purity, humor,  …(?)… and discipline.  Thank you to Marc too, so gracious and giving to us all.  Love –  Sherry             Namaste   xoxoxo    PS: I’ll see you in Vancouver for sure.


Nomi and Marc:  I had a great time.  Wouldn’t change a thing.  – Kearney


Thank you Nomi, It’s has been a wondrous retreat .  I feel great.  Great chanting and great fishing.  So much to be thankful for.  Blessings.  – Sam

Nov. 6/06


Thank you Nomi.  What a wonderful relaxing, interesting and sometimes even challenging weekend!  And to spend it with my daughter and meet such warm and thoughtful women. — Joann



Thank you Nomi, Elly and Sarah for your welcoming paradise.  Look forward to staying in touch to share cat stories and those about our wonder of nature and wildlife.  Thank you for your gift to those you teach and inspire. — Sara Dubois   (www.wildarc.com)



March 25/07:


Thank you for a great weekend.  My favorite part was the chanting.  You have an amazing voie that will rresonate with me forever.  It is clar that you are helping many people.  This is your path, believe in yourself.   — Cory



The chanting was glorious and will continue to vibrate for a wonderful few days in your peaceful home.  –  Maeve



HA, HA, HA’o

I love to laugh’o  I will never forgot that song 🙂  Than-you for a fun (and funny) weekend.  I am relaxed and happy and ready to start my daily yoga practice.   Peace. — LA



Feb. 18/07:

This was just waht I needed at a time when I most needed it.  May the blessings of the Goddess be ever in your heart.  Merry eet and mery part.  Old time Pagans and new found friends.  Merry meet and Merry part and merry meet again.  Blessed be — Mary Lynn D.



March 23-25 / 07:

Sat Nam Nomi,  once again it was a glorious time at Paradise Found.  Such a fabulous way to spend a weekend.  Thank you for everything and thank you for the gift of you!   Namaste  — Tarey W.



The silence has allowed me to figure out some tough questions.  You’re a truly amazing person Nomi!  Thank you.  To be alone in silence, that was a first for me, but much needed!  — Camille


March 25/07:

It was a wonderful place to come and experience balance.  Thank you.  — Rhea B.



April 9/07:

Thank you so much Nomi!  I enjoyed your hoe, your island, and your vibrant energy.  You really go the extra mile for your guests and I will “tell many tales” of our awesome karaoke night…!  I hope to see you soon in L.A.  — Lisa K.


I feel clean and clear inside and out!  Thank you for a lovely weekend.  — Lesley-Ann


Thank you Nomi and Marc for sharing your space and time with us… and thanks for the fun too — it was fun — mostly!   Cheers  —


May 21/07:

Dearest Nomi,

“Gracias, gracias, gracias” tee hee for facilitating my restoration to myself.  You area  very special woman and I thank you for providing me with a role model at this crucial time of transformation!  and for such generosity.  I look forward to seeing you again and singing with you!  Love — Cristina


Hey Nomi,  Thank you for sharing your fabulous home with us, for guiding us through all the yoga poses and for the delicious food!  It was lovely to meet you, Kirsten and Elly.  I carried a lot and it’s given me food for thought.  Lots of love and best wishes.  — Dianne


July 23/07:

Thank you for generously sharing your beautiful world with Maggie and me this weekend.  We are grateful for the time and space to practice just being  — resting and relaxing.  And thank you for showing me the door to a whole new universe in which to discover and exprlore.  The food — delicious!  I have nourished my body, my mind and my soul in Paradise Found!  Namaste  — Carol and Maggie


Jan. 7/08

Dear Nomi,

This was a truly transformational experience.  You have opened my eyes to so many things.  You are a natural teacher and the most gracious hostess ever!  Thank you so much for the retreat.  — Linda


Dear Nomi and Eli:

My heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and generosity.  You created a sacred place for me to experience and grow in.  Thanks to you, I leave a “dearer” person.  I appreciated the peace and serenity you created with your loving hearts and body fuel (great meals).  An experience I will never forget and always remember as a life-changing event.  With love and gratitude — Lise


March 23/08:

Dear Nomi:  Thank you in your hospitality and flexibility.   It was a great expeinece and introduction to Kundalini Yoga.  The food needless to say — exquisite!  I will think of my experience here for long after leaving.  Namiste.  — Roseann


Dear Nomi,

Thank you for creating a healthy, spiritual weekend and for sharing your journey and experience with  Kundalini with me.  Namiste and Hugs  — Valerie


March 24/08:

Dear Nomi;

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a wonderful weekend.  It takes a special soul to envision and create this nurturing experience.  I’m so glad to have finally met you and look forward to a continued friendship and collaboration!  SAT NAM!  — Amy W.


Dear Nomi,

Thank you so much for this wonderful retreat.  I feel blessed that I had the chance to be in your home and do yoga with you.  This retreat was exactly what I was looking for.  Merci!  — Jacinthe


June, 2008:


Than you.  I am so very grateful to have experience you, so blessed.  You are beautiful and so is this space!  Unforgettable.  Peace —  Jody H., Edmonton, Alberta


I thank you for the space and for the energy.  I thank the space and the energy for answering some questions.  I leave behind grace and stillness.  Last night four blue souls danced above the table while their bodies tasted, touched, smelled and heart.  We chose a long time ago to endter each other’s lives at a necessary moment.  We have each other to thank.  With love, — Tina


Dear Nomi

I had a peaceful time with you.  I appreciate you give me such beautiful gift.  I will never forget those experiences.  You have great energy.  Hope to see you in Vancouver.  Namaste.  Peace and love. — Kayoko


July 13/08:

Dear Nomi:

Wow — this retreat was exactly what I needed.  I was challenged but also nurtured, and I have enjoyed myself so much!  You have created such a beautiful, welcoming and uplifting safe space, through your kindness and compassion — the physical location is just a nice bonus!  Thank you for everything!!  Peace — Julia

PS:  Thank you Elly for your wonderful cooking!  Can’t wait for the cookbook!! You’re fabulous!!



Already?  How did the days pass so fast!  You’re retreat was  — how to do it justice?  It was first of all really fun — because you’re fun, and because you let us be fun too.  It was also a terrific workout, a wonderful way to spend time with my daughter, the other Naomi, and it was personally moving mind-expanding.  I really learned a lot I thn, and thanks for the tip about your Kundalini teacher frdiend in Seattle, because based on our experience here, I want to try more.  Thank you!  Thank you again and again.  — Pat.



Dear Nomi,

I was thinking to come here since last year and I never seem to find the time.  I finally decide to have a break and come to your retreat — I can’t tell you how happy I am I came.   I had such a blast I decide to do a retreat every year.  Your home, your food, your classes, massages, everything was great.  Had much fun!  Thank you for planning all with care and love .  Blessings — Maria

PS:  What a wonderful bunch of women you managed to put together.  It was a bless to meet everyone.  I feel empowered!



You are an amazing woman full of love, grace, and humility.  This retreat taught me how to e truthful in my own practice.  I can’t thank you enough for this.  My cards read meditation, Music, and Healing, all are true to my soul.  This retreat was very much a Paradise Found.  Thank you for sharing Elly and her amazing cooking.  Love and Peace Always,  — Elizabeth B.


July 14/08:


Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.  This was the most amazing experience, more-so than any words can ever express.  I am usually very closed off about my personal life, but you did something to help open myself up.  Thank you!   It feels like a huge heavy luggage have been lifted over me.  I feel lighter and more relief.  You have opened my eyes to something completely new and I will do my best to continue the practice because I have not felt this good and happy in a long time.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  An infinite times plus one.  Please stay in touch.  — Louise Ye

PS:  You are a wonderful woman.  You are doing great things, toughing people’s lives and I know you will continue.  Thank you again.


Sharing Paradise Found with us, those who came before us and those who will come after, has been a true gift.  It is a true delight to swim in lakes that can be drunk from, and to share in a circle of women whose trust and kindness and compassion was built instantly.   I leave some,k I leave with new knowledge, and wisdom and at the same time, I do not leave at all.  Thank you , thank us, thank the planet for their space.  Love  — Naomi G-H


Nomi, et al,

These five days were like a taste of honey — a reminder to  dip more deeply into the stillness, the silence, the healing power of nature for the replenishment and healing for breakthrough the comforts of earth consciousness to our divine infinite consciousness.  In these few days I have had the warmth of all of this sacred place and carry this back with me.  I leave my love, my blessings, and a sincere acknowledgment of Namaste.  Lovingly — Constance K.


Dear Nomi,

Thank you for creating this space.  Thank you for being you. I’m so happy to be here and grateful for this experience.  This is one of those special places I will never forget.  I wish more places were like this.  I really want to stay here, but I’ll settle for a return visit someday.  Everything you arranged and did for me was perfect.  All the little details just reinforced how much you care and what a special person you are.  I eagerly await your cookbook and CD.  Your voice sings through my head.  Lots of love and laughter to you and your kula —  Jessica P.


July 20/08:

I am so blessed to have found my way to this amazing place.  All I could hope for and then some.  I am amazed at getting to know people without ever really talking to them.  Fantastic, gracious, loving people.   I can’t believe how much we’ve done over the last few days, and yet with no rush or frazzle. I feel literally tuned up, and as though I have gathered up the presence of mind I need to go forward on this path.  So grateful.  A thousand time over, Thank you  — Carla


July 21/08:

I’m so glad to be here — it really is a paradise Nome — you’ve created a beautiful place and spaciousness — the time and energy and space to do what we’ve come to do.  It’s a place of stillness, where we can slow down and feel ourselves.  I’ve slowly started to get to know myself again! and the energy of everyone is wonderful.  It’s so amazing to be in the company of like-minded , conscious people.  Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me, and for sharing your voice, your presence and your light with us all!  — Sharen

Thank you to Ellie as well — the meals were so absolutely fantastic!  I wish you could come home with je!  I feel our feed was blessed with your loving kindness!  Namaaste.


August 17/08:

Dear Nomi

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have spent a few days at your yoga retreat.  It was very important for me in that I was able to strive for a better physical well being.  I have been a little self-indulgent in the past few years thinking that I couldn’t keep up physically to what I hoped for.  As for the mental overall I will have to wait for another time, as I am not ready to get rid of it.  I still need it.  Thanks — Donna


What a wondrous place.  I have found on this island and within myself.  All the women that I got to experience this journey with were so completely amazing in so many different ways.  Nomi — you are a most extraordinary female — full of positivity and compassion for all walks of life.  Thank you for helping me along my path, whether I needed a rest or a push.  I would like to exaggerate my special thanks also to Elly who made my recovery from exhaustion so tasty.  Both of you are shining stars.  Love, — Christine.


August 18/08:

Dear Nomi,

This time away was so very much needed and somehow I found that best place to regroup and rest.  I had a wonderful time and got lots of opportunity to reflect on my life.  Thank you for creating and sharing this haven.   I will never forget the early chanting, the gentle and intense yoga classes (loved the bhamgara dancing)  and the labyrinth walk under the full moon.  Bueno, I hope to be back on e day and able to testimony to the power of manifesting the life I have created for myself.  Con mucho carino – Donna V.


Women’s retreat Aug. 14-18 with Sherry, Shannon, Christine, Donna, Louise, Doriana and Nomi.

Dear Nomi,

A second trip back to Paradise Found for me — how perfectly named!  It was a powerful session, led by your beauty love, wisdom and feminine (and your frolic too!)  I hope there is more in store for me to join with you in practice or in retreat giving or travel.  There is so much to say about this weekend… food, love, transformation, healing, restg, cleansing, warmth, honesty, and physical/ energetic ship;fting.  Thank you for your gifts of your space and the beauty of your practice and commitment.  You have cared for us lovingly and brought forward our courage.  Your generosity is touching.  Thank you.  Love — Love, Sherry L.

PS:  i  loved the chanting and the ceremony for full moon in August 16th releasing old stuff and bring on new wonderful things felt freeing brought happiness and rejoicing.



Aug. 19/08:

Dear Nomi,

What can I say to thank you for this beautiful, beautiful experience?  Wha he!  (Is that right?)  🙂  I’ll never forget this retreat and the special day I spent here afterward.  Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom and humour and fun with me.  I wish you all the best in all you choose to do and hope to come back for more in the future! Love,  — Shannon  🙂


Hello Nomi!

Beautiful spirit and beautiful woman!!!  I love seeing your dedication to yoga and seekers — so inspiring!  Thank you for the patience and opportunity to share your knowledge and home.  Everything was wonderful.  Namaste fellow Leo.  Blessings and love to you — Louise



A great inspiration!  Quiet yet powerful.  Thx for providing such a marvelous space.   — L


Dear Nomi,

Thank you for a wonderful experience!  I will leave with new tools and wonderful enlightening experience.  — Shirley



Thank you for allowing this work to come into your life, because I am so grateful taht this has come into my life.  It was a profound and beautiful weekend.  Love — Kristina


August 25,/08:

New experiences with yoga and chanting — a chance to let go of everything that has weighed me down —  a marvelous opportunity to “come out of the circle of time and enter the circle of love” (Rumi)  Silence is golden.  Thank you.  Namaste.    —



I can’t imagine a more nurturing and serene and empowering experience.  It was exactly what I needed.  thank you for your generosity and kindness.  — Jemila