Wellness Services

As we are about to begin renovations, our Wellness Services are offered only as an out call. We apologize for any inconvenience. We can however arrange any of the services below to be offered to you at your home.



Traditional Chinese Medicine offered by local therapists uses needles, herbs, moxibustion and other tools to release blocked energy and treat specific illnesses.

90 min -$155




A range of massage styles from local therapists are available with both registered and non, practitioners: Swedish, Shiatsu, Relaxation, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Sports.



60 – $100

90 min – $135




A relaxing and soothing “whole body” massage via the feet. Or  the hands or ears. Reflexology is an ancient powerful but gentle massage art. It aids the body in releasing stress and allowing life force to flow.



45 min – $70

60 min – $90



Sound Therapy

Using the healing techniques of your own voice and breath learn to heal yourself from within. Simple vocal and physical exercises along with music, will help you tap deeply into your personal healing journey.



60 min. – $100

90 min – $120



Wellness Consultation

Together we’ll ook at your deep patterns of wellness – nutritional, history and lifestyle. Understanding how they are created can help you create more of what you want in mental, emotional and physical health.

Gain an awareness of your biggest danger areas and a set of new dietary and lifestyle tools to make small, easy changes that will have huge impacts in your life.

A detailed and personalized program, including diet, exercise, sound and creative play is created so that you can help yourself live in a more balanced, healthy and joyous way. We’ll work together to create something that you can achieve and stick to.

90 min initial consultation – $ 100

Follow up program –

45  min  – $75

75 min  – $100