Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) is a Raj or Royal yoga. It is the yoga of self and outer awareness. It brings you the power to master yourself; to be controlled by no-one.  Kundalini Yoga is one of the most powerful sets of tools you can use to deal with today’s high-stress world. Use it to create a life that is healthy, happy and harmonious.


Kundalini is also called the yoga of angles. It uses sets of physical exercises (kriyas) and/or breathing techniques (pranayam) in harmony with other tools such as mantra (sound current), mudra (hand positions), drishtis (eye focal points) and bhands (body locks) to intensify the effects of the kriya.

These very simple but highly effective techniques and exercises are done alone or in combination. Developed over the millennia, these empowering techniques produce immediate results. They quickly and effectively clean the blood and body of toxins. They build strength and endurance on many levels. They clear the mind of unwanted and unhealthy thought patterns. And, they create new opportunities for growth and prosperity in life.

Feels so good after a long drive.


Why Kundalini yoga?


All yoga is beneficial. It works to access the unlimited supply of creative energy inherent in each of us. This energy, known as Kundalini, can be likened to our untapped  human potential.

By directly engaging the circulatory, nervous, glandular, respiratory and other body systems you will learn to:

Feel the stress melt away, drain out through the top of your head.


• Handle stress in a productive way
• Create more mental and physical energy
• Strengthen and tone muscles and organs
• Clear physical and mental blocks
• Gain confidence and conquer fears
• Be in control of your emotions
• Understand the impact of your habits
• Balance your hormonal/glandular secretions

You have a choice, to practice one or two ingredients of yoga to raise your Kundalini over an extended period or use a complete recipe for faster results. In other words, if all roads lead to Rome, Kundalini is a shortcut!



Kundalini Yoga, works systematically and directly on the physical level. It also has powerful effects on the subtler realms of mind and thought patterns, consciousness, creativity and spirituality.Each of the techniques have specific restorative or eliminative effects on the body. This is achieved through the stimulation of pressure points, glands, nerves, muscles etc. In turn, this balances and strengthens the body’s energy centers (chakras) and pathways or meridians (nadis), as well as immune, metabolic and circulatory systems.

Lengthen out those hips & sides.


What Kundalini Yoga Isn’t


• It’s not a religion but it’s definitely spiritual and is practiced by people of many different religions. Mostly done with your eyes closed, it allows you to quiet the mind so that the still voice within, your higher knowledge, awareness, consciousness – whatever you want to call it – can be accessed and utilized to help you get the most out of your life

• It’s not about perfect alignment though posture is important. A yoga for the householder, any one can do it. You go at your own pace and use modifications where necessary. You do what you can do. Challenge yourself but don’t kill yourself

• It’s not about being able to hold your breath forever but it does give easy fast acting tools you can use anywhere. Driving, on the phone, in a line up. Breathwork/pranayam plays a huge role in KY. You simply use the breath to move the stagnant unhealthy energy out of your physical body.

• It’s not about being a saint. It is about accepting where you are on your path and utilizing your unique human talents of intuition, creativity, compassion, awareness, grace, and commitment to get back on your path whenever you find you’ve taken a detour.

• It’s not a cult. It is the use of ancient techniques to calm the mind and heal the body. These are techniques that are now being scientifically verified through quantum physics, MRIs, cat scans, and other modern medical technologies.

• It’s not every one’s cup of tea. But if you want to make some real changes in your life but have not had the flexibility, commitment, grit –whatever was lacking you CAN use this yoga to get you through it. You do not have to BELIEVE in it but IF you DO it. You WILL see positive changes. It may feel frustrating at first. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

The truth shall set you free. But first it will piss you off.
~ Gloria Steinem