Private Retreats

A Customized Retreat with your needs and tastes in mind.


For Individuals or Couples looking for a Personalized Escape, this is truly, Paradise Found.

Queen Room

We offer you a slice of heaven….Our surroundings are healing and magical, as is the yoga and food. Cozy and comfortable, we’re similar to a hotel spa yet not so generic and impersonal — nor expensive. Similar to an ashram yoga retreat but less austere.

You get to choose your dates, and times of day, for the activities that suit you. Instead of yoga at 6 am, schedule yoga at 10 am or 10 pm- or not at all; instead of going on a gentle sloping hike – go straight up the mountain. Or go on your own. Choose one of our themed retreats or just rest and rejuvenate.


We are also a Green Accommodation and together we have the honour of supporting our local and global communities.

Why Choose A Paradise Found Private Retreat?

Maybe you need to Retreat but can’t face the thought of being around a lot of people? Maybe you need support that you might not get in a larger setting. 

At some yoga or healing centres, you can be one of a crowd. With sometimes very basic amenities – “bring your own toiletries, sleeping bag, pillow” etc — you may not feel as taken care of as you’d like. The yoga and meditations, though applicable to a group, may not serve the individual; meals, which may be very nutritious, are often basic and you have limited choices. Often local transport is not included.

thai_noodlesAt Paradise Found Private Retreats, our beautiful space is made available especially for your visit. With a front row seat on the shore of Cusheon Lake, you’ll bask in the healing of the natural surroundings and the peaceful ambiance of Paradise Found Cottage. Providing you with the comforts of home, along with many other thoughtful touches, our Karma Angels are here to facilitate your experience and serve your Spirit.

Private yoga and meditation instructions are chosen to fit your unique physical and mental requirements. Our caterer will do all she can to prepare healthy, delicious meals* that can include your favourite food items. Herbal teas are chosen to facilitate your unique healing processes. A massage treatment can be arranged just before bedtime so you can have the deepest and soundest sleep possible.

Once you arrive on island, you can completely relax. We’re there for you when you need us – from transport to support, letting you free to enjoy your journey.

Beginning any journey it’s good to assess your starting point. And so we offer you a unique opportunity to assess your health and fitness level through an in-depth questionnaire and body alignment assessment.**

Salt Spring has the highest amount of healers per capita than anywhere in Canada. A plethora of other healing modalities** are also available from our on-island connections.

*we supply a menu of mostly local, organic vegetarian meals

**for an additional fee