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We have some wonderful moments prepared for you but as in

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Getting to Salt Spring Island


IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Transportation fares to the island (ferry or seaplane) are not included in retreat price. Please check online for up-to-date schedule and pricing information.

Be sure to confirm your arrival time and method by the week before or by the day before at the very latest.




Victoria International –
• From there, it’s about a 15 minute (taxi) drive to the ferry which you take from Swartz Bay. The ferry ride is 35 minutes to Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island
• There is also an intermittent shuttle as well as the city bus that may work for you. Ask the Red Coats in the airport for assistance to direct you.

Vancouver International –
• From there, it’s best to take a 5 minute taxi ride to the float plane wharf. Then take a seaplane, just 30 minutes into downtown Ganges.
•If you do not arrive at a convenient time to connect to a seaplane, or if you arrive later than the last seaplane, you might think of staying the night in Vancouver or a nearby airport hotel. You can then catch a seaplane (from downtown or the airport) or a coach line to the ferry the next day. Or explore Vancouver for a few days if you arrival is even earlier.


Airport Hotels:

Comfort Inn –

The Pacific Coach Lines makes a stop at this hotel on it’s way to the ferry The coach price including ferry fare is around $30. Price subject to change.

Delta Richmond Airport Hotel –

The coach does not stop at this hotel. You’ll have to take the shuttle back to the airport and get the coach from there.



Pacific Coach Lines –

• To get from Vancouver or the airport straight onto the Swartz Bay ferry. Around $30. Tell the bus driver you’re “going to Salt Spring & need a through-fare ticket”.

Local Transit –

• To take a city bus from Vancouver or the airport to the ferry. Take the Canada Line to Bridgeport Rd Station. Transfer to the Tsawwassen Ferry bus, right outside. Around $5 will take you all the way from downtown to the ferry.



• Four companies fly to Salt Spring from either downtown Vancouver or Victoria, or Vancouver Airport, or downtown Seattle



US Ferries

Coho –

From Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, BC

Washington State Ferry –

From Anacortes (near Seattle) to Sidney-By-The-Sea (10 minutes drive to the Swartz Bay, BC Ferry Terminal).


Canadian Ferries

BC Ferries –

This is the one you will take to get to Salt Spring Island.

From Victoria/Sidney-By-The Sea: Swartz Bay to Fulford, SSI

From Vancouver/Tsawwassen: to Long Harbour, SSI


SSI Ferry Routes and Timing Options:

• Generally, we are available for pick-ups after 3:00 pm to give us time to pick up others arriving elsewhere and prepare everything for you as best we can. Should you wish to arrive on the island earlier, we will pick you up if we are able and/or you make arrangements with us. Otherwise if we are unable, the bus service is available and meets MOST of the ferries. For info please visit . Click on schedules and Salt Spring or phone 250-537-6758. We will then pick you up in Ganges (the main town) outside the Pharmasave across from the park.

•If you miss the ferry for any reason the 7pm to Swartz Bay from Vancouver is the last ferry you can catch to connect to the last ferry to  Salt Spring at 9pm.


Foot Passengers Traveling From Vancouver

• get dropped off at ferry terminal or
• take the city bus ( or cab to ferry terminal
• park car at terminal and walk on

If Parking at Terminal: There are parking lots at the terminal for about $15 per day and the First Nations Parking (on your right, by the billboards, just past Splashdown Park). This is cheaper than the ferry lot (about $10 per day) but you will have to catch a shuttle to the terminal. The last one leaves 20 minutes before sailing time. Access is via Tsawwassen Dr. N (the last streetlight before the causeway).

• take Pacific Coach Line ( onto the ferry

Tell the bus driver you’re going to Salt Spring & you need a through fare.

DON’T FORGET to collect all your things as you get off the bus on the ferry.

When transferring to the Salt Spring Island ferry in Victoria, follow the other foot passengers out of terminal then re-enter the arrivals ticketing area to have your “through fare” ticket approved.


Traveling via Through-fare Connection from Vancouver (Tsawwassen): (Vancouver to Victoria/Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour, SSI)                       

Preferable for ease of scheduling:

We suggest you catch the Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay (Victoria) ferry. They run on the odd hour until 9pm* but the last ferry from there you can make the connection with leaves at 7pm. (please see above re: missing the ferry). The ride is 1 hour 35 minutes.

Tell the ticketing agent you want a “through-fare” to Salt Spring Island. They’ll give you a ticket you’ll need to present to the ticket booth at Swartz Bay. They then will give you another boarding pass to get on the Salt Spring Ferry.

Once on the Swartz Bay side, go to the ticket booth at the exit/entrance. Show that ticket agent your through-fare ticket. They will give you a boarding pass for Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring. Go down the stair or escalator.

Follow the signs to the Gulf Islands Ferries (Salt Spring is part of the Gulf Islands chain), along the walkway on your right, down the stairs (or elevator) to the small waiting room. Check that your ferry is not already loading. A good indication of this is an empty waiting room but there are other ferries that also share that waiting room.

Depending on your schedule and the retreat start time (some start earlier, most do not) we suggest you try to catch the Fulford Harbour Ferry at 3:00 pm*. This would mean catching the 1:00 pm ferry from Tsawwassen.

If catching an earlier ferry,  you can shop for a while at the great boutiques and bakery, get an early massage in or catch the bus into Ganges. We will be in Fulford at 3:35 to pick you up.

PLEASE NOTE: Often there is another island ferry in the next dock. Make sure to get on the FULFORD/SALT SPRING ISLAND ferry.

Enjoy the 35 minute ride on the outer deck or in the waiting rooms. Some are warmer than others. So if you’re too cold or hot try another. There are 4 to choose from.

*PLEASE NOTE: For a Two Night Three/Day retreat this is the 1:00 ferry and we will arrive for pick up at 1:35


Traveling Direct from Vancouver (Tsawwassen): (Vancouver to Long Harbour, SSI)


There is a “milk-run” service that leaves at 10:10 am and gets in at 1:10 pm. If you would like to use this particular ferry you may need to catch the bus (please see note above).


Traveling From Victoria: (Direct from Victoria: Victoria/Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour, SSI)

Depending on your schedule and the retreat start time, we suggest you try to catch the Fulford Harbour Ferry at 3:00 pm*. If catching an earlier ferry you can shop for a while at the great boutiques and bakery, get your massage done early or catch the bus into Ganges. We will be there at 3:35 to pick you up.

*PLEASE NOTE: For a Two Night Three/Day retreat this is the 1:00 ferry and we will arrive for pick up at 1:35


Traveling From Vancouver Island:(From Crofton to Vesuvius, SSI)

This is a quick little ferry about a 20 minute ride, accessible from Vancouver Island, between Duncan and Nanaimo. We’ll meet you at the top of the dock as you walk off.

PLEASE NOTE: Often this ferry can be late and there is no waiting room. Just wait by the phone booth. Depending on your arrival time you may have to wait while we are picking up others at another location.

Bringing Your Car:

We suggest you allow us to pick you up. However, you are also welcome to bring your car, just let us know so we can give you directions.

PLEASE NOTE: Directions are not given on this public site in order to enhance your privacy whilst staying here.

If you are coming from:

Tsawwassen: Go to the Gulf Islands or the Victoria ticket gate. Buy a through-fare (or direct – please see note below) ticket to Salt Spring.

Through-fare: Exit the ferry in Swartz Bay and drive down the road to Wayne Rd. Take the exit and immediately turn left over the overpass. Turn left again at the stop sign and then a right as you get back on the road heading towards the terminal.

Swartz Bay: Go to the Salt Spring gate and give them your through-fare ticket (or direct if coming from Victoria). Board Fulford Harbour Ferry


Once here:

Your bags will be taken to your room while we have tea and orientation.

You are welcome to make a short long distance call to your loved ones to let them know you have arrived safely.

Once we are in retreat mode, we ask that you refrain from phone use save for any emergency. If this is something you are not comfortable with please let us know and we will work with you so that your needs are addressed.

After tea you’ll have time to settle into your room and change for yoga.




Please advise us of any changes in your health or injury status. We are all responsible for our own well being.

We fully encourage you to participate in as much of what we offer as you are able. Many times guests feel the need to just rest and we will always support you in your needs to do what feels right to you.

You will have an opportunity to  book extra spa treatments should you wish.

You will have an opportunity for free time.

To officially end the retreat, we will have a closing circle after or before lunch depending on the needs of all guests. You are welcome to stay for the full duration even if others must leave early.



What To Bring:

Besides an open heart and mind – bring what you’ll need in the way of personal toiletries, medicine or supplements, yoga mat, pajamas, yoga clothes, swim suit, indoor slippers or flip flops (we do not wear shoes in the house), good pair of walking shoes, light weight jacket, writing journal.

We have yoga mats, robes, shampoo, conditioner, shower wash, toothpaste, q-tips, towels and face clothes, alarm clocks, hair dryers, umbrellas, flash lights, books.